Tips for Making Lots of WOW Gold from Old Quests

We all need wow gold in the game. And I believe that wow gold is the stuff that no matter how much you own you will never think it is enough. Wow gold can help you level up faster and get the epic items and mounts if you want. If you need to know some ways to make gold, we can provide you some.


Many WOW players make gold using many of the gold making method and system. You can make gold in WOW by: farming, grinding, use your professions, selling vendor items, daily questing and even by – playing the WOW auction house.


But one of the fastest gold making method in WOW is rarely used by most WOW players – Finish up old leveling quests! When you hit the top level 85 (80 with WLK or lower levels if you don’t have WLK) you can’t get any more experience points from finishing quests, instead you will get wow gold.


Most WOW players do not continue to do quests when they get to the top level – but this is one of the fastest and easiest ways for making gold in WOW (at high level). On your way to get to the top level, you couldn’t have done all the quests available in WOW! You can do those quests now by going back to the “low” level zones.


You get wow gold as a reward, as a replacement for experience points and also by selling the items rewards or disenchanting them and selling the mats. When you add all the wow gold you get from farming the items and killing the mobs that you need for completing the low level quests, you can make more than 1000 gold per hour!


Sounds amazing? You may have a try then you will know how effective it is. Of course, if you have no time to do that, you can just buy some cheap wow gold from We always offer the cheapest and safest wow gold with fast delivery.




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