Three Weird Ways to Make WOW Gold

In World of Warcraft, you can never get enough gold. Between mounts, enchants, gems, repairs, and alts, a player's gold supply can get stretched pretty thin in a hurry. In this article, I will discuss 3 methods that most players are unaware of that you can use to earn more wow gold.


1. Finish up old leveling quests.

On your way to level 85, there is no way you could have possibly hit every leveling quest along the way. By going back and revisiting the zones you did not spend much time in, you can earn a lot of gold and items. You can then vendor the items or disenchant them for even more gold. Oftentimes you will find out between the quest reward and the experience points to gold conversion bonus, you will wind up getting 40g per quest. If you are fast, you can do 10-15 quests an hour and make a cool 500g/hr!


2. Look for cheap crafting materials on the auction house.

Many players assume that because an item is low level it is not worth that much wow gold. Contrary to this popular belief, most players are now at the level cap rather than at a lower level, so low level items tend to carry a lot of value. Most level 80s do not feel like heading out into the low-level ones to farm Copper Ore and are willing to pay a lot of gold for someone else to do it.

When these players are looking to power-level a new profession, they will need a lot of Copper Ore (or Linen Cloth, Silverleaf, and so on, depending on profession). Take advantage of these lazy players by buying Copper Ore when you see it being sold for less than a gold. Resell it on the auction house for 10 gold a stack and you will be surprised at how often it sells. Do this for 20 stacks of Copper Ore and you just earned a very easy 200 gold!


3. Farm in the Firelands Front

In the Firelands Front, you will be able to kill the fire elementals that spawn throughout the zone. These spawns have a very high drop rate of the Volatile Fire. You can sell them for a decent amount of gold.


Traditionally, Volatile Fire is one of the most valuable eternals and it goes for the most money right after arena points are rewarded for the week. Players are desperate to get their shiny new gear enchanted and are willing to spend a lot of gold to do so!


Hope the above three tips will make some sense for you. If you have no time to farm wow gold, please just order some wow gold from We are always here.




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