Some Tips for Farming Diablo 3 Gold

The hottest topic for Diablo 3 must be how to farming the Diablo 3 gold. If you are planning to farm the Diablo 3 gold by yourself, here are some tips for you.


1 Be Prepared

One of the first things you can do is to prepare yourself. Any inside knowledge you can gather before starting the game will help you to be a better player. This will give you a better chance at finding unique items and get ahead of the competition by using some of the techniques explained below. If you search the internet you will find hundreds of sites just like this, which will allow you to upskill fast.


2 Selling your Gold Early

Gold is going to be hot property as soon as the game is launched as everyone is leveling up at the same time. It’s the old economics of supply & demand and so as the game starts the price of gold will be very high and then will decrease at a rapid rate. Every time you spend during the first and second day is going to cost you more than if you had waited until day 5. For this reason it is important that you trade your cash early at the RMAH (Real-Money Auction House) to save your money and then buy your Diablo 3 gold back a week or so later.


3 Don’t waste time

Sure Diablo 3 is exciting and you will want to spend some of your time chatting and reading about which skill to choose etc.  My piece of advice is DON’T. You will get plenty of chances to do this in the future but at the moment you want to get ahead and sinking valuable time down the drain is not going to get you there. If you want to make REAL money on D3 then this is a trap you must avoid.


4 Beating the Auction House

This is usually what I get asked about the most when it comes to making money on Diablo 3. It is a little too early to tell just how things are going to work between the 2 auction houses but it would definitely give you an advantage if you read about the differences between them. Another piece of advice is to have a solid understanding on the fees in the RMAH.


5 Leveling

Pretty straightforward but the first person to level 60 is going to make some coin! If leveling is your strategy I hope you have paid attention to #3 in my list! Make sure you have watched how the game worked during the Beta testing and do not bother reading the quests. Another hint is to put your gold into cheaper gear and we will have some strategies around this to release shortly. Don’t try and be a hero and go it alone because this will not end well for you. Find a group of friends and work together to dominate.


These are just some of the ways to make Diablo 3 gold. Be sure to check back here regularly as we will unveil more secrets as they come to pass as I am sure Diablo 3 will have plenty of hidden methods that only the top pros will discover.




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