How to Level a Rogue Quickly in Cataclysm

When playing the game World of Warcraft, it takes awhile to level up. When you are playing a rogue, you can level quickly if you know a few tips that will help you get more experience points per hour of play. Find out what you need to do in order to get to the max level as soon as possible.


First of all, focus on the damage dealing talents. While there are talents that help you with other abilities, you don't really need these. You need to do the most damage possible. There are many leveling talent builds that people have calculated to be the fastest. Follow these.


Go from one mob to the next while you are leveling. There isn't much need for downtime as a rogue. Use bandages in order to heal yourself quickly and keep going. If you are standing around, you are wasting time.

Use the keyboard to help with shortcuts and macros. These will help you use your abilities much faster. It's a better option than pointing and clicking with the mouse which is much slower.


Get good gear while you are leveling. If you have a rich alternative character, spend money on your rogue to help yourself be able to do more damage. It's important to use a high damage weapon in your main hand while using a fast weapon in your off hand. This typically is considered best although this can be changed with any patch.


Follow a leveling guide. Many of these will take you on large quest circuits that are very efficient. You will be getting more experience points per hour doing these than anything else. Some of these are free while there are versions of these that are paid.


Read about combat rotations. Follow these as you will be doing the highest damage combinations helping you level faster.




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